A perfect circle

A perfect Circle

You're a stranger
So what do I care
You vanish today
Not the first time I hear

Reject the system dictating the norms

Dear diary, i'm here to stay

We're victims of sedition on the open sea.
No one ever said life was free.
Sink, swim, go down with the ship.
Just use your freedom of choice.

I know the world's got problems
I've got problems of my own
Not the kind that can't be solved
With an atom bomb

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie
I need some more,
Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie
Don't ask what for

Lost again
Broken and weary
Unable to find my way

I fell again
Like a baby unable to stand on my own

Calm these hands before they
Snare another pill and
Drive another nail down another
Meaty hole please release me

you're such an inspiration for ways that i will never ever choose to be

don’t play dead cause maybe
Someday I will walk away and say
“You disappoint me,”

Into the air
Slowly disappear
No, no longer here

Vanish, vanish into the air
Slowly disappear
Never really here

Desperate and Ravenous

There's too many of you crying,