brand new

Brand New

I am on a mend.
At least now I can say that I am trying.
And I hope you will forget things I still lack.

Take all that you have,
And turn it into something you were missing.
Somebody threw that brick, shattered all your plans.

Do you miss the blend,
Colors she left in your black and white field?
Do you feel condemned just for being there?

goodbye, lay the blame on luck

This is a lesson in procrastination.
I kill myself because I'm so frustrated.
And every single second that I put it off, means another lonely night I
gotta race the clock.

We've been hurting a long time.
Trying hard for this.
We all have sizeable scars.
We got it.
You'd break it all apart.
We got it.
We can make it work like this...

Another week away, my greatest fear.
I need the smell of summer,
I need its noises in my ears.
If looks could really kill,
then my profession would staring.
Please know we do this cause we care and not for the thrill.

This happened before and I'm sure it'll happen again
It's getting old, I could never know
This is not the first time, she says its the last time again
And you're a tease
No, I'm kidding

These aren't things I say to save me

We don't play fair

Last night I swallowed liquor and a lighter
and this morning I threw up fire

I'm already dead but
someone should be caught and held responsible
for this bloody mess

I'm her number one chalk outline on the floor

I'm glad that you can forgive.
I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget.

Today's the day it gets tired.
Today's the day we drop down.

And though our kids are blessed, the parents let them shoulder all the blame.