Just like every other fool out there
We all think we're so unique
Such special freaks

I see the world light through a looking glass
I see the people walk by walk by
Like paper tigers roaming in the street
They stare right through me when we meet

There's no one here to catch our fall
No one here to hear us call

All my life i've been fall- fall- falling apart,
Been tumbling down quick first right from the start
I never learned just get up and go on
Until I'm just knocked right off of my feet

But it's not the fall that hurts
It's when you hit the ground

Stumblin' with every step I take
And it seems I can't get a grip
I'm soon gonna slip
And then I look down
I see the fur ground
Is closening fast again
And then boom

it feels like
I've been put under a spell
And I've tried hard to break it to make it
But since the day you put this poison in me
Broke into my life and you did no deed
Now I can settle down nowhere
Somehow I got lost out there

Left me dying on the floor
All alone, I'm nowhere, you're out there

And ever since the day this fiery fly
Started bugging me I really tried
To run away but I can't get nowhere
I'm stuck in here and I can't get out there

May the rain keep fallin on your head
I'll make you pay for all the tears i've bled

Can't you hear me callin out your name
The disappointment, tears and all this shame
All these useless years that i've spent
Tangled up inside this stupid game..

Your time is near it won't be long
You've got to go when you're called upon
No light of day no sight of dawn
Don't turn around just walk right on

The city is full of lonley hearts.
And all the gutters are filled with broken parts.
We got to get away, and make a brand new start.
We got to get away, before it falls apart.