elliott smith

Elliott Smith

with hidden cracks that don't show
but that constantly just grow

drink up, baby, stay up all night
the things you could do, you won't but you might
the potential you'll be that you'll never see
the promises you'll only make
drink up with me now and forget all about the pressure of days

while i watch you making mistakes
I wish you luck, I really do
with the problem, with the puzzle
whatever's left of you

everybody cares, everybody understands

someone found the future as a statue in a fountain at
attention looking backward

if I didn't know the difference
living alone'd probably be ok
it wouldn't be lonely

maybe I have a problem,
but that's not what I wanted to say
I'd prefer to say nothing
I got a long way to go
I'm getting further away

but I better be quiet now
I'm tired of wasting my breath
carrying on and getting upset
carrying on, not over it yet

I don't need a remedy

I know you'd rather see me gone
than to see me the way that I am

in the safety of a pitch black mind
an airless cell that blocks the day

The game looks easy, that's why it sells

I know you dont think you did me wrong
and I can't stay this mad for long
keeping ahold of what you just let go
you're just somebody that I used to know