john frusciante

John Frusciante

Everyoneís in a corner
Face to the wall
I never looked the other way
I'm not allowed to at all
Greatest by confusion
It never lets me be
Well no one said to be here
I was punished by me

Everyday is lost as it goes by
These moments donít compete
And i wind up next to you
And all that i need is a doubt

and I'll go on and on and on
Letting it out when the feeling's strong
I wonder who in the single thing
Made this night and this ugly dreams

Shadows casting bodies
Who knows which way things will go?
All shifting images
Upside down to be upright
Upside down, you'll make them cry

Death before life

Life running backwards, nailed up and freezing

Put the past before you

Learning thereís nothing to gain from advice
Hey doubt, com on around any time
Anyhow mistakes are what lead you through life

Youíre perfect
You fit snuggly right in the lie

Lay down
The darkness tonight is so bright

Thereís one for each time cars collide

There's no regret
There's just the sense that
Nothing is coming my way

Nothing is final because it seems all the while
There wasn't anything for me
I always faked my smile

they shut my eyes and i can't see now
These are the times I was scared of
These are the fates I pushed out of the way
Now they come back here and haunt me
It's plain to see who the winner and loser will be

These feelings weren't always pretend

You do fine on your own
You're free to cry and you don't have to wipe your eyes
You once saved me
And now I'm where you want me to be
Ascending endlessly and I don't even have to try

Allow me to believe you are the real me
I see you breathing under water
See you on both sides of a door

I do greet you
And slam the door in your face

I answer these these questions now
As to why I'm the only one
Who carries grey sky to the sun

I've been in pain
hope it doesn't show
I've been insane
well the time is slow

Don't you want sunshine instead of phony lights?

I'm me again.

I'm not me anymore

This is the time to die
I'm not someone on whom to rely
Chances come and chances go
This is letting go

I will try to start a fire
Just to show how well it burns
Just to watch how it burns

It's not the way I go
Noone here hears me
I'm sick of people knowing me
Life's confusing me
There's so much I don't see
something's controlling me
It's no way to live
I haven't got a thing to give
And those signs trade off
I'm a line from loud to soft
For what I have to say
I wanted to build a stage
I wanted to feel this way
All this things are real
I don't know my own field
You will prove me wrong

Moments take each others place
Born and forgotten the same way

Flat on your back
Your senses are lost
And youíre what you are
What you are
Just cuz you mean
What you say
Thatís not saying
That you're so far in the clean !
Nothings means anything

we show that we fall apart
we know it to be an art
we know this is the only way things go
because all youíve seen is all you know

I'm going away, forever,
Never coming back this way,

What I need is a heaven,
A place to go where I can really be,

Dreaming my life away, counts for nothing,
But nothing ever is the end,

And you Know I tried
To be part of life

Emptiness set me free

These dreams are all i have left
Iíve nothing to spare
They're all i have

You know I donít feel right
These dreams, they steal all my time
They take it from my eyes

I donít try as much to feel anything these days
I will try and reach the field and there I will stay
No time comes to me now
Thereís nothing iím for or opposed to
Thereís nothing im really supposed to do
Goals disrupt the past

The dreams I once had
They've taken me for a ride

Just show me the way to leave
Thatís all I need
Where I donít notice anything
Thatís where ill be
Life doesnít come to me now
And I wouldnít want it to
Thereís nothing id like to do
Ghosts disrupt the past

there will come a time
When time goes out the window

there are no escapes
gone are the days of mistakes
our mistakes
and did you see
the night wore on
and became the days that never begun

All we have is all we see
There is no more hope
There are no dreams

You've always found a reason
To stay happy to be alive

What you see is just a small part

couldn't we get a second chance
To go back and start over

Goodnight friends,
Remember me if you loved me.

Oh, I am alone
And life goes on.

Things here will never be the same
We feed the light with shadows of pain
Why don't you come on back again

Happenings are planned
And then they arrive
They go on with or without you there

what is the world good for?

Oh where are all the plans we made

Here I go again to fall apart

I was afraid to be me
Be anyone you want to be
I don't blame my weak
For my not being able to speak

The pain i was needing
Was sort of true
The one aim I was clearing
Was the walls that grew

No one to face when I'm falling
Holding tight to dreams that never end

Only waiting for long signs to be wrong
And true to us
Out of place in my own time
Drowning thinking that I'm dry

The days have turned away from me
The lights no longer shine on my head
And people turn away from me
No more do they look to me with respect

Well, I know now
For the first time
That was fun
Now from life Iíve resigned
When I feel Iíve got problems
How wrong I am
Iím awaiting life as another man
Donít crowd me

Thereís riddles in the shadows
Theyíre thrown the way that Iíd expect
And people never seem to know
What they least suspect is coming next

Well it seems like my timeís elapsed
And Iíve stabbed life in the back
Iím searching for what it means
To never be anything, anything

The face in the mirror is not me

It is nowhere I want to go
Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive
Why to be here you first got to die
so I gave it a try
And what do you know
Time was so long ago
And things come back you see
To where they don't belong

These are different lives
Being lived at the same time
Like holding on to a whole
The world's edge is closer
I'm gonna leap right off her
And that will be the end of me
Intersecting lines
Falling way behind
I'm walking on a rope
Drifting from her
I've never been further
All I know is right
Dreams drift right past me

every day Im gonna kill my past
time gives endless spark to futures
anyway Im gonna fill my last

Feelings are goners

Mirrors are water
A symbol of what death is not

Wonder what it is that makes the world turn slower
wonder what it is that makes me feel so mad
I feel so bad

Life gave me up
And i have no control
Itís a pleasure to die
A pleasure to be gone

hey give your tears to today

You're pushing me away to decay like the days that I loved

What do I have to show
To a world that the only way to destroy
Is to die like a baby boy
I could be happy in infinity
Of the space of my eyelid
But I know Iím somewhere else
Where the words on this page
Are better than the scribling nonsense they are,
And it would be real,
And I eat my last meal
Wish that I could feel
But now I donít even know if Iím real

You know
I have seen the world enough
I've drowned in my thoughts a lot
Deep in rains that swirl above
I canceled heaven I concede

The time's right to be wrong
All night long
I feel good
I feel so far away

You never change to fire if you're ice
Even if you melt on a table and dry
And that table is burned
I'll tell you why
'Cuz you stayed by going away
And life changes not you

Do you throw it in the well
Wishing you had someone to tell
What it was that you wished for
So it couldn't come true anymore
I've thrown so much away
These times die and stay alive
I've gone and i've stayed
And though both happened
At the same time
I know which one i like
And which one i hate

All of the world calls out at once
Give us a pain, it's a friend to us
We don't decide for ourselves very much
What we are we owe to the fear of love

Emptiness replaced my soul