Now I have managed to be the one
To be the victim without the gun

Escape reality with new pain
Then let the cycle start again

It happened all so fast, my only question's how

I'll feel no pain
I won't have a brain
They'll take away the part that hurts
and let the rest remain

Fix me
Fix my head
Fix me please, I don't wanna be dead

No more maybes

I'll pay for sanity
But sanity don't come cheap

laying lost and wounded
just myself to blame
have no life and
being hand-fed pain

head's a crying wasteland
filled with shame
cried for help before and
nobody came

Make a joke and i will sigh
And you will laugh and I will cry
Happiness, I cannot feel
I'd love to be, it's so unreal

When your world's not feeling ugly
And the world's not too much
Take the world upon your shoulders