I whisper in your ear
so loudly why can't you hear it

All my faith is gone
you think I couldn't find it
Pieces falling down
shattered, nothing behind it
In my mind alone,
Lost here I'm separated
Crawl deeper in my hole
safe here from what I hated

All your artificial words won't heal me

what I hold inside all the things that I live with
I can't easily hide
And I'm left here with nothing,
nothing to live for
but you
It's not easy to hide
all this damage inside

I can't seem to erase all the scares I have lived with

Soon I'll disappear without a fucking trace

Faces I've seen turn old and grey
I lost too many friends along the way
Memories I never thought would fade
They fade and blow away

I wish that I could disappear
Unzip my skin and leave it here
So I could be no one again
And never let nobody in

such is life
so sad but true

i don''t see the point in
going any further
than we''ve gone already

I can't believe all the travesty
Surrounding me, I, I want to flee
I want to flee from everything

Keep it all down, bottled inside
It breaks me to torment again and
Torture me like it used to
Could it be that I never had the chance to grow inside?
Could it be that my habit is to find a place to hide?
could it be that sometimes I say things just to disagree?
Could it be that I'm only being me?

You don't know me because I don't care.
But I'm still here,
Patiently waiting for you to disappear.

it's always raining in my head
Forget all the thing i should have said

You in your shell are you waiting for someone to rescue you from yourself?
Don't be disappointed when no one comes.

I already told you, that falling is easy its getting back up that becomes the problem, becomes the
problem and if you don't believe that you can find a way out you become the problem, become the problem.

You, all alone, are you waiting for someone to make you whole? Can't you see aren't you tired of this dysfunctional routine.

What's happend to you?
It's obvious you've changed
Something deep inside you is probably to blame

How does it feel when your feet finally hit the ground?
When all of your bridges aren't around
And the sandcastles you build are falling down

To my mother, to my father
It's your son or it's your daughter
Are my screams loud enough for you to hear me?
Should I turn it up for you?

I sit here locked inside my head
remembering everything you've said
This silence gets us nowhere!
Gets us nowhere way too fast!

The silence is what kills me
I need someone here to help me
But you don't know how to listen
And let me make my decisions

I know that everything can change
What I need is to open up again
So never again will I look back in vain
Cause today's not the past
I don't need to relive it
Are you satisfied?
I've given all I can
And are you pacified
Or do you want more from me?

I've learned that this life's not just a game
Just a line between the pleasures and the pain

It's been a while
Since I could...Hold my head up high
Since I could stand on my own two feet again
Since I could say that I wasn't addicted
Since I could say I loved myself as well and...

Everytime I feel this I just lose control

I'm water while you drown

now you are sitting in the hole that you
dug around yourself.

i feel

can''t see thru the rain
too much pain
am i insane
too much time
no sublime
loss of energy
no symmetry
fuck society
lost in nievate

Who the fuck did you want me to be?
Was there something I couldn't see?

I just need this to be all right
I can't feel this another night

Fail to see
How destructive we can be
Taking without giving back
'Till the damage can be seen
Can you see?

The walls you build around yourself
I guess they also keep you here

I'm so afraid of waking
Please don't shake me