...Trail of dead

...Trail of dead

Close the door and drift away
Into a sea of uncertainty
Where all your hopes and dreams
Have faded out of reach.
Remember all the bad dreams
Are not far from reality
Would you write again for me?

Will you write again for me?
And who bade you stop this living art?
Have you forgotten just what you are?
If you don't want to then you could at least pretend
That the paper's your soul and your blood's in the pen
And maybe then you'd see the light
And read the truth that you had to write.

Would you smile again for me?

And just how long did it take for you to understand
Where your feelings stopped and writing began

And if it makes you sad
To give up dreams you've always had
That can't be caught
It just can't be fought.

Looking back at '91
Reflecting on those things we could have
Said and done
The dancing lights across a crowd
Remind us of another town
That's dead and gone
It's just dead and gone

Take me to that summer past
And tell me is it really worth remembering?
I realize that music then
Was really just a song in my head
And though the fun has past
Those mythic dreams would never last

Well I know how the best will fall
And the rest will follow.

Is it so easy to resign
To ruin this world for everyone?
I guess when it's all said and done
It's just something in our design.

Have you ever stopped to wonder
Why they forced your voice to turn
From silence to a caterwaul?

All those clowns, what can they know?
Let everyone else go.

Let it dive, let it die, let it fade out of sight
Let it drag us down, let it fade

Grieve, but not grieve together
Mourn with nothing to say
Gone are those times forever
Lost as those sweet warm other days

Where we born to despair
Deeds done but not forgiven?
There will always be something there
As long as one of us goes on living

Grinning from a mask of hollowed bone
Where a human is somewhere to be found
But where I don't know

And things couldn't be better
This is one fine life
This is one fine wine
This is one fine wife
This is one fine lie
And things couldn't be better
They are the best

She runs through the night as if nobody cares
She screams and she cries and ignores all the stares
She wants me to come, but i'm never going there