Get set go

Get Set Go

There is nothing that I can say
That would in almost anyway
Express the fustration in my head
I don't want to get out of bed today
I don't want to face another day
Everything is better let unsaid

Something in me thinks
I've had one to many drinks
I spend to much time getting high

What do you do when your done with living
But you are still alive
I don't want to kill myself
But I just can't survive

I just want to disappear
I'm to lazy to even fall asleep
Lying here not counting any sheep
Listening to the passing of the years

She cuts herself beneath her clothes
A secret room that no one knows.
She likes the way she hurts herself.
It makes her feel like nothing else.
She never talks to anyone.
She hides away, abhors the sun.
She keeps her heart within a box,
Protected with one hundred locks.
She walks nude throughout her room.
She bares the scars of countless wounds.
They multiply upon her flesh.
Some are old and others fresh.
She loves the night,
The stars, the sun, the moonless night,
When all of the lights are gone
And only darkness shines.

Another drink to numb the pain
But the day remained

I've been thinking bout drinking draino
A nice big glass to make all my pain go
Somewhere else, Somewhere I can't find it
And I've been thinking about eatting bullets
A sweet sweet feel of the trigger as I pull it
Bury a bullet somewhere deep inside
I've been contemplating hanging
A kick of the chair and my feet are dangling
All of my worries disappear tonight
And I've been stumped on the thought of jumping
How high must you climb for a fatal dumping off
All of my worries and woes over the side
There's no more reason to cry

Oh it's so sad and it's breaking my heart
But my heart is nothing to worry about
Cause the rest of me's falling apart

I've been cruel, I've played the fool
And I've made a mess of everything
I've betrayed a promise I've made
And I hurt her through and through
Now its done she's finally gone
And I don't know what to do

I think I might set my house on fire
Hang myself from the telephone wire

And I'm getting used today
But I'm getting used to getting used so it's okay

What did I do? I don't remember much,
Do you? What did I do?
I've been thinkin that I've been drinkin
A little more than I should
But sometimes I need a drink to simply help myself to think and
I can think much better when my lips are a little wetter
Don't you?

I知 gonna break your heart
I知 gonna let you down
I知 gonna walk away
I知 gonna fool around
I知 gonna tell you lies
I知 gonna be untrue
I知 gonna make you cry
I知 gonna come unglued
so what you gonna do?

Nothing ever seems to work out anymore.
she wonders if she痴 ever been loved before.
She doesn稚 understand.
She doesn稚 wanna try.
She doesn稚 give a fuck.
She wants to be alone tonight.

Wait, wait for the dawn my dear
Wait till the sun gets here
And you will wait too long
he will be gone
Wait, wait till the signs are right
Wait till the perfect time
And you will wait too long
he will be gone, he will be gone